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Automated, daily, customized, content for your blog, email marketing, and social media

Immediately solve your biggest time suck and frustration for online marketing: CREATING CONTENT !!!

Set your preferences and get original, unique, AI-enabled seed content that’s on point with your message and brand from only $5/month. Cancel any time.

Mài Content is Unique, Automated, Personalized, Daily AI Seed Content for Your Online Channels


Eliminate Hours of Effort and Frustration Every Day and
Return Sanity to Your Self-Promotion & Marketing

Set Your Preferences

Tell Mài Content how you want your copy written, using simple options and natural language descriptions…

  • Tell the system about yourself with a simple scripted template or your own free-form entry
  • Summarize your avatar’s problems and pain points
  • Feature your solution with calls-to-action
  • Select from different Tones & Styles of writing
  • Customize your content with specific topics and keyword injections
  • Many more parameters to help individualize your online seed content


Set Your Schedule

Pick your messaging channels and content generation schedule, then relax and wait for the magic to happen.

  • Select messaging channels
  • Select daily send schedules
  • Upgrade to multiple combinations


Get Your Content

We hesitate to say “it’s really that easy” because you’ll want to experiment with your profile settings to optimize your content. But it IS easy (and free) to get started.

Now, for each day on your schedule, you’ll get an email from Mài Content with a full days worth of your own, unique, personalized, original, AI assisted copy; on the topics that you want to cover, written the way you like, and tweakable however you prefer.

Here’s what you get for seed content:

  • A multi-paragraph blog post as anchor content
  • A one-paragraph excerpt from the blog post
  • Subject line for email marketing
  • Coordinating content for each of your selected social media channels
  • Embedded links to your social media app or page (where applicable)
  • Specific keyword / key-phrase injections
  • AI and Creative Commons (free) image recommendations
  • DIY ides for selfie photos and video shorts
  • Now you have daily seed content that is fast, easy and exclusively YOURS


Keep it Real, Human

YOU are the key ingredient in crafting your own unique, effective and engaging promotional content – not an AI engine. We simply use AI to proactively come up with great ideas and initial copywriting for use as your seed content.  No more white page syndrome…

Copy > Paste > Edit > Post

That’s the Mài Content formula, and the secret to restoring your sanity when it comes to generating regular relevant content for an online world.

You no longer have the burden of coming up with ALL of your content, and ALL of your copy, ALL of the time. Mài Content is a daily super-charger for content creation.

    You Need Solid Online Content, Daily.
    Generating That Content is Exhausting Work.
    Mài Content Does the Hard Work for You.

    Your New Content Workflow Nirvana


    Every each morning, we drop fresh seed content right to your in-box. Simply copy what what suits your fancy, and on you go…


    Step two, paste your seed content into a new blog entry or social media post. We even include hashtags and image recs.



    Now make it your own by putting a personal spin on the content. You may tweak it a little, or it a lot – but you never start from scratch!


    Yup – it’s that easy. Now you’re saving umpteen hours every week coming up with your own content, for only $1 a day. No brainer.

    i Content is Your Content

    That makes your life better, faster and easier!

    attention early adopters
    and compelled content creators

    Get Started With 2 Weeks FREE

    Core Content

    The Easiest, Cheapest Way to Get Started with Daily Seed Content

    $ 5/month
    1 Voice
    1 Schedule
    Blog + FB

    Get started with 2 weeks of FREE content, then only $5 a month to continue


    Seed content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked-In

    $ 15/month
    1 Voice
    1 Schedule
    Social Content

    Just getting started with online marketing and content creation a few days each week? This is the option you want.


    Daily Content for Blogging
    and Social Media

    $ 30/month
    1 Voice
    1 Schedule
    Daily Content

    Coordinated and cross-linked daily content for your blog and social, with SEO keyword injection, content cc's, and more.


    Multiple Message Streams
    Enhanced Content Controls

    $ 75/month
    3 Voices
    3 Schedules
    More Controls

    If you have multiple brands, companies, products or interests, this package has a terrific combination of features.

    Daily Automated AI Generated Content is

    Great for Marketing and So Much More!


    Need daily online content? Mài Content delivers targeted AI generated seed content directly to your inbox every day!


    Interested in a new topic? Mài Content can help you quickly get up to speed or simply broaden your knowledge in a fun way.


    Travelling to a new place? Mài Content can send you daily information about the history, attractions, cuisine, and much more!


    What can YOU do with an automated, daily, AI seed content generator? Experiment and find out then let us know !!!

    What Will YOU Do With Mài Content?

    Experiment and find out, then let us know what you’ve done!

    Mài Stuff is Coming Soon!

    Mài Content FAQs

    Remember, we are a fast-growth startup solving a very specific problem: Sending you solid, online seed content every day, using the magic of AI to proactively generate unique, copy for your personal marketing, business or brand. We’re also dealing with new technologies that are rapidly changing. So we may not have all the answers right now, but we’re happy to answer all we can…

    Will this help AI takeover the world?

    Probably not. All we’re doing is applying the inherent strengths of AI to solve a big problem faced by everyone who needs a consistent, daily stream of fully customized and original, AI seed content for online marketing to support a business or brand… or for education… or for entertainment… the possibilities for Mài Content are virtually endless!

    If you DON’T have a team of assistants, but you DO have a life, Mài Content gives you a solid leg up on the daily grind of content generation for your blog, email marketing, and social media.

    How much content do I need?

    You need “regular relevant content.” What that means is up to you, but with MàiContent.com you can cover every channel, every day, with coordinated messaging that engages your audience.

    Whether you need a Facebook post, or a blog post, or complete multi-channel content, you have what you need (and more) automatically served up daily, to use however you like.

    Mài Content is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to proactively generate your own customized AI seed copy for your brand or business marketing. Content is King! Take advantage of that.

    Why can't you completely automate it?

    Because YOU need to control your content – not us, and not an AI engine! Yes, we make your life infinitely easier by serving up fresh, unique, and individualized content to you everyday that is on-point for your blog, email and social media. This saves you hours of time everyday and ensures you’re delivering high quality messaging to your market with minimal effort. But YOU need to touch your channels personally everyday, and MàiContent.com is the secret sauce you need to win.

    Why can't I do this myself with chat AI?

    You can. But you still have to DO the work of generating the content you need every time. How long will that last?

    Will you write your own solid, unique, on-topic, on-brand, content for your blog, email and social media marketing everyday?

    Day, after day? Without fail? Maybe… and will you spend more than $1 worth of your time in the effort? Uh… definitely.

    So why not use AI to automatically generate seed content for you?

    Simply sign up for Mài Content and get daily AI content that is customized for your brand and message, and dramatically shortcut the entire content creation process – for only a dollar a day. 

    Can I use this for ALL of my marketing content?

    Mài Content is currently a daily service for individuals and businesses who need require, a steady-stream of relevant seed content for online marketing. But it can also be used for many other purposes, and we will soon have significantly broader options for generating a massive variety of content that remembers, responds to, and enhances itself based upon your input and responses over time. Yep, there’s cool stuff coming !!!

    Can I generate new content on demand?

    Mài Content launched in June 2023 as a daily, automated service that comes to you via email and online User dashboard. On-demand content options (and many other features) are in active development and will be released as quickly as they are tested and validated. So get in now, learn the basics, and grow your content quality as we expand and improve the core system.

    Am I limited to one voice and schedule?

    Not at all. The Workflow-Persona is the very heart of your content generation and you get one combination of Voice and Schedule with the Essential (basic) paid subscription.

    The Advanced subscription gives you 3 unique combinations of user Voice and Schedules, but additional Voice / Schedules can be added any time. The Agency / Enterprise levels offer even more control and flexibility.

    With any subscription, you can modify existing Voice/Schedule combinations anytime; and we encourage you to experiment with different settings and inputs, to tweak-n-tune your seed content quality and variety.  

    Can I submit ideas or feature requests?

    Absolutely… 100% yes… and please use the contact form to do so!

    Mài Content comes from a small team of marketing and technical pros who want to help you grow your business by “intelligently automating” the repetitive and time consuming aspects of your DMO and workflow that involve content creation on a regular basis.

    We already have a number of ideas in process and on the table; but because we’re a small team, we can also be highly responsive. Thus the more client feedback we receive, the faster we can expand this solution to serve you even better.

    What languages are available?

    Mài Content is currently available in English and Spanish. More languages will be available soon.

    $30/mo seems expensive, isn't AI free?

    Mài Content is different from free AI chat sites. We access the most sophisticated AI algorithms that are commercially available to ensure you get solid seed copy that requires little if any editing unless you just feel like adding your own flavor – which is a lot easier than writing it all yourself, every time you need content.

    Consider how much time it takes to pick a topic, compose a 3-paragraph blog post, adapt a summary email version, and write 3 different social media teasers. An hour or two? Maybe longer? Everyday?

    Or you can get premium AI seed content served up to you every morning by email for evaluation and use for $1/day. That’s a no brainer. 

    What if I change my mind?

    You are free to cancel your monthly subscription to Mài Content whenever you like, but we do not provide refunds or credits. You are essentially pre-buying a month’s worth of Mài Content with each subscription renewal, so you will continue receiving Mài Content until the end of the your subscription period even if you cancel the service.

    Do you guarantee the content quality?

    How would we “guarantee” AI content quality? That’s an entirely subjective call based on your needs and purposes. That’s why we use the best AI available and provide 3-days of semi-customized sample content direct to your in-box, so you can personally experience the service.

    If you see the value in what you receive, login to your account, setup your subscription payment, and complete your first Persona. The next day, you’re off to the races with a renewed focus on business building activities, not your online content creation.

    It’s also important to note that the founders of MàiContent.com are actively involved, as humans, in the continual refinement of the proprietary Mài Content Personas and AI algorithms. It is precisely this vision and commitment that ensures your seed copywriting is the best AI content available. 


    What if I don't like the content?

    Remember, your daily seed content is not supposed to be perfect, nor 100% usable as you receive it. The reason for Mài Content is to help you conquer the beast of daily content creation. We provide the sword, but you are the warrior – and the power of your sword is a direct function of how you wield it. So harness the power of Mài Content. Work with it. Learn to use it effectively and creatively to dismiss the challenges of multi-channel content generation on a daily basis!

    How do I get support?

    We’ve done (and are doing) all we can to make MàiContent.com easy, effective, and fun to use, just as it is.

    On the other hand, you’ve found us at a VERY early release stage – which means you have the opportunity to become a Founding Subscriber of Mài Content (though we don’t actually know what that means just yet, lol) but our active support options are currently limited.

    Soon, you’ll also have access to how-to videos and help articles within your user dashboard, and more robust help options are on the roadmap.


    Currently, if you’re receiving emails each day, the core solution IS working.

    If at any time you stop receiving emails, check your spam folder and settings and be sure to add MàiContent.com to your Safe Senders list.

    If all is well with your email settings, and you’re still not receiving emails each day, or if any aspect of the User Dashboard appears to be broken or missing, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to report issue and errors, and to share your thoughts with us on improving MàiContent.com.

    How do I get started?

    Simply register for free and pick a primary content category to experience the MàiContent.com solution. That’s all it takes to get 7 days of free seed content (emailed directly to you) and access to the full user dashboard where you can customize your content with many simple parameters. At the core, you now have access to an automated, flexible AI content generator with amazing capabilities. What will you do with it?

    "I was like, you've got to be kidding... I can get automated, AI generated seed content for my blog, and email, and social media... customized to my own preferred styles, for $1/day? I literally made up the monthly cost the first time I used it!

    – LA (personal brand entrepreneur)

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    "Here's the no.1 thing I hear: It is SO hard to keep coming up with good content on a daily basis. Mài Content is the solution we all need."

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